Temporary Staffing

Maintain Staff Flexibility with Temporary Hires

Gone are the days when temp staffing compromised on experience and professionalism, and no longer are they limited to clerks and secretaries. Our network of experienced talent includes those in finance, accounting, human resources, and more.
Our temporary staffing solutions are designed to accommodate your organization’s needs during staff shortages, specialized projects, and workload fluctuations. Our candidate’s backgrounds and work history allow them to “hit the ground running”– making them immediate assets to your team.

Our personalized approach provides your business with a dedicated recruiter who will help develop a staffing solution tailored to your specific needs. This guarantees responsiveness as well as accountability. Our highly-trained recruiters are experts in screening talent and assessing fit. They will work quickly to provide you with a resource that fits your criteria and ensures minimal loss in productivity.

Benefits of Temp Staffing:

  • Flexible and responsive temporary support that meets your exact needs
  • One-stop staffing source that encompasses a wide range of professional and technical skill sets and offers access to a vast pool of thoroughly vetted candidates
  • Quick experienced hires that make an immediate difference and ensure there is no loss in productivity
  • Saved time on training with pre-tested and trained employees who are extremely skilled in their niche
  • Enables your business to adjust more easily and quickly to workload fluctuations and reduces costs by adding staff only when necessary to meet deadlines or for specialized projects
  • Allows the employer the ability to evaluate the employee, test their ability to do the job and assess their compatibility with the organization before hiring directly
  • Temp staffing is an extremely cost-effective solution to your short and long-term staffing needs. You get the immediate impact while Competitive Edge takes on the responsibility of recruiting, screening, and skills testing the employees as well as handling their payroll, taxes, unemployment, workers’ compensation insurance and benefits.

Whether it’s a long-term absence, such as maternity, disability, medical leave, military duty or sabbatical or a sudden departure, seasonal work, special project, or implementation, Competitive Edge has a staffing solution for you. Talk to us to find out if a temporary hiring arrangement is something that is well-suited for your organization.