When you’re ready for a new challenge, fresh start, or a rewarding new position offering opportunities for growth and development in human resources (HR), there are plenty of places to look for a job. However, you should expect to spend a significant amount of time identifying appropriate positions. That is of course, unless you work with a professional recruiting company that specializes in matching qualified candidates with awesome human resources jobs. Here are the benefits of partnering with a headhunting firm to help you find the best human resources jobs available.

Where to Look for Open HR Positions

Job seekers can look for openings in human resources in the same places other job openings are posted:

  • Job Boards
  • Social Media
  • Company Websites

Unfortunately, sifting through openings can take an enormous amount of time, even when using filters on your searches. Once you’ve found a job you’d like to apply for, you may also be competing against hundreds of other applicants. While people secure human resources jobs this way, it is the least efficient and effective use of candidates’ time.

Conversely, working with a professional recruiting company provides an efficient, tailored, and enjoyable experience.

Recruiting Companies that Specialize in Human Resources Jobs are Invaluable

Working with a professional recruiting company to find your first or next position in HR offers myriad benefits.

  • Access to Positions Not Listed Elsewhere

Many companies forgo job boards and social media, trusting their recruiting to a professional headhunting agency. So partnering with a recruiter can provide access to positions you wouldn’t otherwise find. Studies suggest that most job openings are never even posted online. 

  • Recruiters Weed Out Jobs that Are Not a Good Fit

Instead of wasting time pursuing a position that doesn’t meet all your criteria, professional headhunters can expertly pinpoint the positions that meet your needs. Whether you need flexibility in hours, a hybrid working arrangement, or a specific salary, your recruiter can locate the positions that meet your criteria. Moreover, because HR is a broad field, they can eliminate positions within the industry that are not a good fit for your unique experience, talents, or qualifications.

  • Executive Recruiters Advocate for You

HR professionals who work with recruiters specializing in HR talent acquisition advocate for you in your job search. Consider your recruitment specialist to be akin to an agent that celebrities use to secure events, appearances, and roles. Your recruiter will champion your experience, skill set, and personal traits that make you the right person for a particular position.  

  • Recruitment Specialists Will Help You Prepare for Interviews

Recruiting companies that specialize in pairing candidates with human resources jobs understand the unique needs of employers and prospective employees. This expertise works to your benefit as a job seeker, as your recruiter will help you to prepare for your interviews, by informing you of strengths the company wants in their new hire, and conversely, skills that you don’t need to spend as much time promoting during your interview.

  • Talented Headhunters Will Help You Negotiate Favorable Terms

You may think that the only role of an HR recruiter is to help you find a job. But their support doesn’t end there. Once you’ve been offered a position, your recruiting specialist will help you negotiate favorable terms, including salary and benefits.

  • Your Job Search Can Remain Confidential

Many people do not want their current employer to know that they are actively seeking out a new job. Your recruiting specialist understands your need for discretion and confidentiality and will prioritize keeping your job search confidential. 

Get Help Finding Your Dream Job in HR 

If you’re ready to take the next step in your HR career, Competitive Edge Recruiting can help. Competitive Edge Recruiting specializes in pairing HR professionals with human resources jobs at companies and organizations that need your expertise, and value your experience. If you’re ready to change jobs, we’d love to help you find a fulfilling, challenging, and rewarding position today. Send us a message or upload your resume today.